Energetic Healing

Energetic HealingEnergetic healing is a holistic approach to manipulate the energy in our physical body, on subtle and emotional levels, to regain balance and alignment in our energy fields for our bodies to function at full potential.

Michelle offers energetic healing as an extension of her Reiki training.  Using the life force energy (Ki) to cleanse, clear and unblock chakras and unwanted energy throughout the energetic field of the body.  Energy imbalances can be a result from issues internally (stress, trauma, fears, spiritual beliefs, phobias and more) or external factors (nutrition, posture, exercise, toxins, and environmental stresses). Sometimes emotions can cause an internal energy blockage in the body, that can cause a physical pain or discomfort. Clearing these blockages can relieve aches and also lift a feeling of heaviness in the body that can build up in our energy fields over time.

Energetic healing

Prices are:

  • 30 minute treatment $55.00
  • 45 minute treatment $70.00

For bookings contact or call 0429 264 344.

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