Crystal Workshop

Saturday 30th Nov at Bowlo Sports & Leisure Yamba

You will learn how to look after your crystals, cleansing them,connecting with the crystals that are right for you, healing properties of certian crystals, how to balance and realign your own chakras. You will receive a Chakra Crystal set and information booklet.
Course starts at 10am till 1pm

Cost $50.00


Crystal Awareness Course – 1 Day Course

Pre – requisite for Crystal Dreaming™ Course


  1. Gold Coast – June/July 2019 (Dates to be confirmed)
  2. Brisbane – Aug/Sept 2019 (Dates to be confirmed)
  3. Yamba –Saturday July 27th 2019

Cost: $200.00

Course Overview

  • Crystal Awareness Course
    You will gain an understanding about crystals, their properties and how to use crystals for healing. Also how to cleanse and program crystals. If you are drawn to crystals this is the course for you!!


Crystal Dreaming™ Course- 2 Day Course

Crystal Dreaming™ Course – 2 Day Course

  1. Gold Coast – July 2019 (Dates to be confirmed)
  2. Brisbane – Sept 2019 (Dates to be confirmed)
  3. Yamba – Saturday 17th August and Sunday 18th August 2019

Cost: $200.00 per day

Course Overview

  • Crystal Dreaming™ Course
    You will learn to use crystals to facilitate (in a safe environment) an altered state for your client. It can be a profound healing for many to self diagnose, you can help facilitate their healing. They can connect with spirit guides and journey into a blissful state. There are endless possibilities and every healing is unique.



Contact or Call Michelle for appointment times on 0429 264 344

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